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Laundry Tips

Water quality influence to the laundry

Have you ever noticed the appearance of daily clothes that are often worn and washed? Sometimes clothes that are initially white over time appear dull or yellow. Many factors influence the clothing material so that there are striking changes, especially in the color of the clothing, including unwise use of chemicals that cause corrosive clothing fibers or chemical reactions which occurs due to exposure to direct sunlight and the next thing that can affect the clothing fibers is the quality of the water used for washing. Apart from these, there are many other factors including the use of scouring irons with electric heat elements and the use of dryers or dryers whose heat temperature is not well controlled.

The difference between using PDAM (region gov. water company) water and an own drilled land water in laundry services can affect the washing process and the quality of the final result. Here are the main differences:

1. Water sources that come from PDAM are drinking water that is processed and regulated by the government or related institutions. PDAM water generally have water quality standards that have been regulated and monitored for safety and cleanliness. The quality of PDAM water in generally considered cleaner, free from substances that can affect washing results such as excess minerals or high metal content.

How to store clothes when traveling

Storing clothes properly when traveling is important for keeping clothes neat, organized and wrinkle free. Here are some tips for storing clothes properly when traveling:

1. Fold the clothing carefully so that no wrinkles form. Make sure you fold clothes according to type. For example, folding clothes by folding them in half or in thirds, folding pants in half or in thirds, and so on.

2. The rolling technique can be very useful for saving space in your suitcase and avoiding wrinkles. Roll shirts, pants, and other clothing into a tight tube. This also makes it easier for you to find the clothes you want at your destination.

3. Place each garment or set of clothing in a plastic bag before placing them in the suitcase. This will help reduce friction between the clothes and reduce the chance of wrinkles forming.

Why should separated between black and white color clothes when washing it?

Washing black and white clothes separately is common practice for several reasons:

1. Avoid mixing colors: When washing the clothes, especially at higher temperatures, there is a risk of dyes that may leach into the clothes and mix with the wash water. If black and white clothes are washed together, there is a possibility that the black dye could spread onto the white clothes fiber, causing unwanted stains or discoloration.

Kenapa mencuci pakaian warna hitam dan putih harus dipisahkan?

2. Reducing the risk of fading: Black and white colors may have different solid color stability. When laundered together, the friction of fabrics and chemicals such as detergents or bleach can cause discoloration of clothes. By washing black and white clothes separately, you can avoid the risk of unwanted discoloration.

Minimalist ironing table by ferdy laundry

Ferdy laundry produce operational completeness by own with basic laundry standard equipment using local material elements, local labor with minimalist design shape. Adjusting with working room dimension it have that practical and maximal in room utilization.

Standard rebounded foam, linen cover that easy absorb heat steam from steamer iron / boiler, light and strong enough. With open-up system and close-down when not used, very suitable for limited tiny room usage.